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Tanu Bhardwaj


Department of Instrumentation,

Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women, University of Delhi,

Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi-110096


This review revives concepts of construction and operation of biosensors. Combination of suitable immobilization technique with effective transducer gives rise to an efficient biosensor. Hence, various immobilization techniques are compared to understand which one can lead manufacturing of an efficient biosensor. Along with, various transduction methods are also briefed. Amongst all kinds of biosensors, electrochemical biosensors are known to be superior to many tedious, costly and complicated techniques; therefore, the manuscript mainly focuses on different electrochemical techniques employed in biosensing. Types of electrochemical biosensors, voltammetric, potentiometric and impedimetric have been detailed out and explained with critical analysis of the work done before. Moreover, voltammetric technique has been described outstandingly in this review with illustrative examples and figures. Afterwards, with a summarized history of electrochemical biosensors, future prospects have been described to present the predicted life after a few years with these biosensors. Together with recent advancements in biosensors due to nanomaterials, present trends of electrochemical biosensors are also illustrated in the form of their applications in diversified fields, such as pharmaceutical industry, clinical sciences, military applications, food industry and environmental sciences etc. Besides, 52 years of progress in the area of biosensors, somehow, research in electrochemical biosensors is not translated to the commercialization in the market. Various measures to commercialize biosensors at a high pace are discussed in the end to minimize this wide gap.


Biosensor, Immobilization, Electrochemical, Voltammetric, Potentiometric, Impedimetric

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