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Author Guidelines
General Guidelines To Authors

  • Type-written Manuscripts in MS Word (.doc) format should be submitted to iaemedu@gmail.com
  • Manuscripts will be published in the Journal after reviewing by the Experts.
  • Papers will be published both in the print and online versions.
General Guidelines For Authors

  • Papers should be typed in MS Word (.doc format) in Times New Roman Font.
  • Paper should be formatted in 1.5 Line Spacing.
  • List of Keywords should be given

  • Title of Paper should be in 14 Points and Bold
  • Headings: 13 Points
  • Author Name and Affiliation should be in 12 Points
  • Text of the Manuscript: 12 Points
  • Length of paper is limited to 20 Pages.
  • There should be Maximum Four Authors in a paper.
  • Page Margins should be as follows - Top Margin 1.2, Bottom Margin 1.2, Left Margin 1.2, Right Margin 1.2
  • List of References must be present.

  • Paper must accompany the Copyright Transfer Form (Duly Signed by all the Authors and Scanned) by E-mail to iaemedu@gmail.com